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QuadroStar PRO Green

Green light the most used wavelength for vascular treatments

Powerful, versatile and rich in accessories: the QuadroStarPROGREEN with 532 nm wavelength is one of the most used technologies in the treatment of superficial vessels and pigmented lesions. Thanks to its newly developed scanner with integrated skin cooling, it allows the treatment of larger areas quickly and without pain or side effects.


  • Green table-top laser Green light (532 nm wavelength) is readily absorbed by hemoglobin, which is the target chromophore when treating blood vessels and vascular lesions such as telangiectasia, couperosis, spider nevus, cherry angioma, venous lake. Thanks to its high power and very short pulses, it is possible to treat small blood vessels quickly, effectively and gently.
  • Homogeneous beam profile The specially developed optics guarantee a very homogeneous beam profile, meaning that treatment is always safe and precise.
  • New display The new clear, sharp and touch-sensitive display with user-friendly interface allows an intuitive and pleasant working environment for an optimum treatment procedure. The background colors can be adjusted according to personal needs and the five treatment modes are optimized specifically for the applications.
  • HOPSL: The latest solid-state laser technology The QuadroStarPRO GREEN features the HOPSL (high-power optically pumped
    semiconductor laser), the state of the art in solid-state laser technology. This brand new technology makes the green wavelength available in a very small and light device (tabletop, less than 12 kg) with a very high power (up to 8 Watt). Thanks to these special features, the device is highly reliable and has no running costs.
  • Scanner with skin cooling In addition to the standard handpiece, the QuadroStarPRO GREEN also offers a scanner with integrated skin cooling, for the treatment of larger areas.
  • DEVICE QuadroStarPRO Green
  • LASER TYPE HOPSL** (532 nm), class 4
  • WAVELENGTH 532 nm
  • POWER Max. 8 W @ 532 nm
  • PULSE LENGTH 1 ms – 95 s and CW
  • FREQUENCY 0.5 – 100 Hz
  • SPOT SIZE HOPSL: Standard 1.0 mm, Optional 0.5 ; 1.5; 2.8 mm
  • SCANNER (OPTIONAL) Spot size: 1 mm
    Scan size: Max. 15 x 15 mm
    Spot density: 100 % / 80 % / 60 %
  • SIZE 42 x 38 x 19 cm ( W x D x H )
  • WEIGHT < 12 kg

The QuadroStarPRO with 532 nm allows the effective treatment of many vascular lesions, such as:

  • Telangiectasia
  • Rosacea, spider nevi
  • Cherry angiomas, Venous lake
  • Small port-wine stains
  • Hemangioma
  • Small red leg veins

The QuadroStarPRO GREEN can be upgraded with the following optional items:

  • Handpieces with different spot sizes In addition to the standard handpiece with a 1mm spot size, you can also choose from a variety of handpieces with different spot sizes (0.5, 1.5 and 2.8 mm). This offers you the flexibility to work on both larger and smaller vessels with the maximum degree of precision.
  • Scanner with integrated skin cooling The treatment of bigger areas is simplified considerably by the use of a scanner. It makes it possible to quickly and accurately treat larger areas, as in the case of couperosis or port-wine stains of a certain size. At the same time, the skin cooling ensures increased patient comfort and reduces side effects.
  • Special footswitch “TuneSwitch” The QuadroStarPROGREEN is the first laser to feature a special footswitch that allows the physician to adjust the fluence/repetition rate without the need to touch the device screen, to ensure an efficient workflow.
  • Carrying case A special case with wheels is also available for easily transporting the device from one clinic to another or even for longer trips.